Amazon Prime Day 2017

Kindle Fire HDX I know that for the most part, people tend to be either team Apple or team Android. We ourselves own a couple of iPhones , an iPad (2nd Gen...old as dirt, I know) and a Surface Pro 3 . However, for everyday web surfing or video streaming, I genuinely like  Amazon's Kindle [...]

Virtual Healthcare- Is It Right For You?

***This is a review based solely on my personal experience as a mother, not a healthcare professional.  The decision we made as a family was the right choice considering our son's non-emergency medical circumstances.  Here it is,  another Saturday evening at home, but instead of enjoying family time, you are caring for your child who [...]

Our Kids, Allergies, FPIES, and Eczema:

One day, there is a chance that you may find one or both of us in a panic, scrambling for towels and or extra blankets...pretty much anything within range that is absorbent and washable. Why? Because in addition to traditional food allergies, our daughter also has  something called FPIES. What Is FPIES? Well, it's pretty simple. Hmm, [...]