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Growing Tomatoes the Simple Way

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To be honest, my family doesn’t normally care for tomatoes which is really ironic since they are all HUGE  ketchup fans.  In fact, friends of ours a while back gave Hubby a shirt similar to the one down below that says “I put Ketchup on my Ketchup.” Apparently,  I’m the only one who likes to eat them outside of ketchup form. Until now, we were giving most of our homegrown tomatoes away.

A friend of mine shared a Facebook video she found  that is all about the difference between store bought tomatoes and the ones you grow yourself. It was actually pretty interesting. A major point that was made is the fact that the taste of a home grown tomato is vastly different from the others. Watching that video is what made hubby decide  to go ahead and enjoy the tomatoes he has been working hard to grow. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve cut some up and added them to a few dishes, but he had never just cut a slice and tasted one by itself until the other week.  The softness and sweetness of our tomatoes was not what he was expecting.

The Science Experiment

It just so happens that Mr. T is currently studying about plants, seeds, and spores as a part of his science curriculum. In a video he watched, he learned that one way plants are able to reproduce is from the decaying seed bearing fruit that falls to the ground. That got us to thinking… Could we grow more tomato plants using some of our own rotting tomatoes instead of letting them go to waste?

Indeed we can. Below you will find a simple way to grow your own tomato plants from overripe tomatoes that many of us may have laying around on the counter top.  It’s also a fun educational project to do with the kids.

Daddy instructing the kids on what to do.
The kids enjoyed planting the tomato slices.


Watch Them Grow

If our efforts prove to be successful, there’s no way that we’ll be able to eat all of these tomatoes. But, I hope to learn about canning and we’ll have even more tomatoes to share with our friends and family. Want to give it a try? Check out our family’s video below to start growing your own fresh, sweet, flavor filled tomatoes. You can also check out a previous post of mine to learn how to make your own Non-toxic Garden Spray and keep those pests away .

***Note: In this video we grabbed the wrong soil out of the garage. Hubby thought he was using organic potting soil like this here. So, if an organic garden is what you wish to grow, you may want to be selective when it comes to the fertilizer and soil you use.


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  1. Such a great educational/ homeschool project with the kids. We love tomatoes here! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ashley says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes. It’s so much fun and these tomatoes are delicious. I hope we are able to continue to grow ours.

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