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Homeschooling: Simple & Inexpensive Tools For Record Keeping

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One thing that is a must for every single homeschooling family is…Record Keeping.  Remember, each state is free to create its own legal structure for home education, so requirements will vary from state to state.  You’ll want to be sure and check on your own state’s requirements if you haven’t already.  A good place to start is

While some choose to write everything down by hand, others (like myself) have found electronic record keeping to be helpful and a little less daunting of a task.

In this video below, I briefly review two tools (one app and one online record keeping software) that you may find useful with your homeschool record keeping. Don’t forget to check out my Homeschooling & Educational Recommendations Page for more information on other beneficial educational resources.






Scholaric- Scholaric makes it easy for you to create homeschool lesson plans and keep track of hours and grades for your students simply, quickly, and easily. There’s nothing to download or install. You never worry about losing your hard drive again. Available any time and anywhere on any device.


aTimeLogger- aTimeLogger is an app that provides everything you need to track time, data, and other information quickly and easily. Find it in the App Store or on Google Play.


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