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How to Make A Detangling Spray For Natural Hair & Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil Review

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I’ve really been stepping up my DIY game lately. Our bodies are constantly being bombarded with toxins day in and day out. So much so that I’ve been trying to be more aware of what I put on our skin and hair…especially that of my daughter who has so many sensitivities. Young Living’s products have awesome ingredients. But, do their hair care products work on ethnic hair??? I had to find out.

Here’s how I was able to make my own detangling spray/ leave-in conditioner and my review of the new Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil.

Diy detangling spray/leave-in conditioner


Mix the conditioner and essential oils together in the bottle and fill the rest with water.  Give it a good shake, and you’re ready to go! This can be used on damp hair before styling or on dry hair to bring moisture back to your coils and curls.

I also used Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil on Baby Girl’s scalp and hair. It’s very light and nourishing and will work for all hair types. The jury is still out on which one I prefer though… the Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil, or my own blend. I’ll continue using this one for now and save the results for an other post.

What do you do on wash day? I’d like to hear about it. Comment below or on IG and FB.



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