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Amazon Prime Day 2017

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Kindle Fire HDX

I know that for the most part, people tend to be either team Apple or team Android. We ourselves own a couple of iPhones , an iPad (2nd Gen…old as dirt, I know) and a Surface Pro 3 . However, for everyday web surfing or video streaming, I genuinely like  Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

We bought our first one a few years ago when our son was a toddler. It wasn’t overly expensive like iPads tend to be, and still had all of the features we needed and then some. It even came with a year of  “Free Time”,  subscription based content pre-set on the Kids Edition Kindle Fire. Plus, I love having quick and easy access to all of my favorite Amazon Prime features and programming.

The Kindle also seemed to be a little more kid proof than more expensive tablets. It held up rather well considering the fact that not only has my now 5 year old been a regular user over the years, but so has our youngest. It seemed as though it could “take a lickin’ and keep on tickin'” as the saying goes.  Well, that was until several weeks ago.

Uh Oh…Did I do that?

My father in law has always said that the children in the family could deflate a steel ball! Ha… while that may be true, I guess his bloodline was no match for that of his clumsy daughter in law. The other month I was using the kindle without it’s case (because what self respecting parent carries their kid’s kindle around in that bright bulky thing anyway?) and dropped it on the kitchen floor! Ohhh, yeeeah… accident prone parents who don’t want to have to pay out  and replace their busted device… that’s who. That’s what I get for wanting to fit in a late night snack and catch up on Masterpiece Theater.  I knew I shouldn’t have tried to carry everything back to my bedroom all at the same time.  Shortly after picking up my food and drink off of the counter,  I  watched in horror as the kindle slipped out of my hands, hit the floor and shattered the screen. While it would still power on, I couldn’t even swipe to enter in the passcode to unlock it. I called around to see if I could get it fixed and discovered that it would be more economical to just buy a new one. Bye bye old Kindle.

Patience Pays Off

Well, now I’m glad I didn’t whip out my phone and order a new one right away. It seems as though patiently waiting for Prime Day has paid off.  I just bought the Kids Edition Kindle Fire Variety Pack you see below and  got 42% off!

Yes…that’s right. 2 Kindles for just a little more than what it would have cost to replace just 1. They also come with a 2 year worry free guarantee. If we break it, Amazon will replace it…no questions asked. Now I consider this a #Primeday win!

Check and see what deals you may be able to find today…Shop Amazon Prime Day and Save on everything you need for the home, kids, back to school and more!

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